What is an Anglican?

To be an Anglican means to know that you are loved beyond all logic and understanding by the Creator of the Universe.


Multidenominational guests at an Anglican ordination.

We know this because He sent His Son to die for our sins. He asks only that we put our faith in Jesus Christ. That is first and foremost what the Anglican faith is about. How we celebrate that bears the imprint of Christianity’s history over the centuries. These shared memories are important in that they remind us of who God is and what He has done for us.

What it means to you as a newcomer to an Anglican church is that you are accepted and treasured the minute you walk in the door. The way we express our gratitude to the Father is to love others unconditionally as He has loved us. We cherish the truths of scripture and incorporate these words into our worship of God. In addition, we look to the historic writings and creeds of those who helped illuminate the power of this amazing body of truth that God has given us. And we continue the sacramental tradition first prescribed by Jesus on the night of His betrayal. Much of this was refined during the 16th century protestant reformation in England and is now embraced by the worldwide Anglican Church.

Anglican churches are not identical in their expression of worship. But most use a liturgy or road map which is a compilation of scripture and prayer that brings to mind God’s unchanging truths. God’s people are too prone to forget, thus the liturgical reminders. This liturgy embodies all the beauty of God with its poetic and deeply meaningful language. It is not, as some secular sources assert, empty ritual. It is a profound sharing of all that Christians have learned about God from ancient times to today. Anglicans hold dear this link that the God of the Universe has provided with all who have gone before and those who are yet to come.

The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), the organization that brings these like-minded churches together, is currently drafting documents that clarify these principles. Their web site is a great source of information on all things Anglican.

Church of Our Savior is also a member of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese of the ACNA. For more information on this regional affiliation, visit the diocesan web site.

For centuries Anglicans worldwide and a number of other denominations devoted to careful study of the Bible have shared a set of common daily readings called a daily office or lectionary. These daily scriptures are available on this web site. We believe that steeping ourselves in the Word of God brings us closer to Him and that relationship is what our faith is all about.

Finally, we recommend

    • Rookie Anglicans
    • A blogger, whose writings meld popular culture and traditional Anglicanism: Thomas McKenzie, an ordained priest affiliated with a monastic community, is the author of The Anglican Way, a guide to Anglican Christianity.

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