Philippians 4:8 instructs me to take on thoughts that are true and noble, excellent and praiseworthy, lovely and admirable, righteous and pure, all God traits. Scripture lets me know I have the power given by God to throw out useless thoughts (death – isolation from God) and I also have God’s power to take on His view (life – separation to God).  

I also have to guard against the opposite. If I think on wrong thoughts, I respond wrong, attaching destructive passions, and initiating detaching habits. I end up building a nature that sees God as unnecessary so I’m “comfortable” and “good enough” without Him. It rejects God.

 What are these right thoughts? They are the thoughts of God—the Word of God, known as His logos, and His rhema or current spoken relevant word. Rhema is delivered to a willing, listening recipient via His Spirit resident in me. It’s as a phone line from God.

Kent is interimteaches music at Loretta Elementary School in Mandarin. See more devotions here.