The Omniscient God of Wisdom reminds me in Isaiah 55:8-9, His ways and thoughts are significantly more efficient than mine. His are perfectly suited to fit my situation and give His maximum wisdom. 2 Samuel 22:31 tells me His way is perfect and His word is tried.

Jesus teaches me, in Matthew 11:28-30, He’ll give me rest when I actively prefer Him, especially when I labor and am heavy laden. I take His yoke and learn of Him, and I find rest for my soul. His yoke is easy because it lines up with what He plans for me—round peg, round hole. I will bear witness with it so His burden will be light.

God warns me, in Romans 14:23, whatever thought, passion, and action is not from faith in God’s Word is sin and causes separation from God.

Kent is interim director of music at Church of Our Savior and teaches music at Loretta Elementary School in Mandarin. See more devotions here.