Psalm 46:10 tells me we have to be still, to know God. Being still, turning everything off, engages God. Recognizing all the separating attractions as distractions and cutting off all their habitual magnetic strings is necessary. What about TV, children, checking emails and texts, and social events, even ministries? I often need to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them to me. Are any others coming to mind?

Almighty God, my Loving Merciful Creator desires and even deserves my undivided attention. The Omniscient Father knows what’s going on in the world, my world as well as my heart and mind. To hear, I become still.

Recognizing how much this Merciful Father favors and desires me is so important. He completely recognizes and deeply relates to me individually as only  the All-Knowing Creator who discerns my every thought can.  

Often, the speed and onslaught of ideas and influences around me, ones in which I’ve been bathed and am so used to, those patterns just need to be stopped, moved away from, or ignored. 

Father God advises me to be still and know that God is my personal loving God.

On a retreat in the mountains, I was “still” with my Bible and read that the leaves of the field would clap their hands.  Just then, the Spirit of God, okay the wind, hit the oak trees causing the rustling, but I heard them clapping their hands.