Church of Our Savior; Building Progress Update, August 18, 2017

Looking South on August 17

Looking south from Beach Boulevard

The building process at 2092 Beach Boulevard, the site of our new multi-purpose building, is on pace for an end-August conclusions. We will begin the transition to the building when we get the various government sign-offs starting in September. Tentative plans call for transition from Malone Hall and the delivery of sanctuary furniture and fixtures the week of 5 September. The first service in the new facility is projected for Sunday, 17 September at 9 a.m.
As can be seen by the adjacent photograph, the exterior of the building is essentially finished. The parking lot has been put down and is in the process of “curing,” with approximately one week left before it can be put into service. In the foreground may be seen the unfinished sign for our church.
The deep well to support our landscape has been drilled.
The interior is rapidly coming together with progress as follows:
o The wood floor in the sanctuary has been laid
o Carpets and other flooring throughout the building is being put into place
o The millwork for the kitchen was fabricated off site and is being installed
o The heavy door for the front of the building is in place and awaiting only its paint prior to installation.

Construction Enters its Last Month

Construction Schedule – Church of Our Savior 8-8-17Construction of the Church of Our Savior multi-purpose building proceeds on schedule. The adjacent photographs taken midday on 9 August, show the exterior of the new building in the late stages of construction. Note that the building now has its final coat of paint. The front door, to be finished in traditional red, has yet to be fitted.
The second photo shows Duval Asphalt putting a coat of black asphalt on the driveway and parking lot. This process should be finished by the close of business today. No traffic will be permitted on the new surface for two weeks.
The General Contractor, Tim Young, briefed the CoOS building team on Tuesday, 8 August. Construction will be complete by the 4th week of august. CoOS leadership forecasts a post labor day move from Malone Hall. The sanctuary furniture, from New Holland, Is expected approximately 11 September. The tentative first service in the new building will be on 17 September. An updated construction table is next to this post.

Front of building looking SW at 1200 on 9 August

Duval Asphalt in action

2 August, 2017 Building Progress Update

In general, the Church of Our Savior Multi-purpose building at 2092 Beach Boulevard is at the end stages of construction and approximately on schedule. The estimated completion date is by the end of August (current month) assuming all continues to go well. A major milestone was achieved on 1 August when Beaches Energy Service connected power to the building. Having full power will make every aspect of inside sub-contractors’ tasks much easier in addition to providing better lighting and air conditioning. Further, the engineered wood flooring for the sanctuary will be able to “cure” properly before being laid.
Other activities:
Lampposts for the parking area are being installed
Grading in preparation for the parking lot asphalt to be laid is almost finished (See adjacent photo)
Interior walls are being painted
The six foot white fence bordering adjacent property has been installed
The South lot has been cleared of excess brush
The exterior is in the process of being painted. See adjacent photo)

Looking North from the entrance to the multi-purpose building

Building Exterior on 3 August

July 11 Bullets from the Building Site

In general, our new building is proceeding according to the construction schedule and should be completed by the end of August, 2017.
Some current activities:
• As seen in the adjacent photo, stripping to hold the insulation and exterior trim is being applied to the external wall.
• The installed sheet rock on the first floor is receiving the “mudding” process prior to painting. The workman shown on stilts is working inside the warming kitchen. The view through the window is generally south.
• The aluminum framework for the “storefront” or main entrance to the building for administrative purposes is being installed.
• The transformers have been delivered by Beaches Electric and await final installation.
• The fence line is being cleared for the installation of the 6’ panel fence to screen the church property from the neighborhood.
• The parking lot has been graded and is ready for asphalt.

Shown is the underlay of wood for the insulation and exterior board.

Sheet rock finishing by worker on stilts. View looking south from the warming kitchen.

Church of Our Savior Building Construction Notes from 26 June, 2017

The Church of Our Savior multi-purpose building continues to take shape. Recent activities:
• The fire sprinkler system was installed and passed a pressure test on Friday, 23rd of June.
• The curbs have been installed throughout the road and parking lot. (See adjacent photo.)
• Sidewalk forms have been constructed for pouring starting Tuesday, 27th of June.
• Sheet rock has been installed on the first floor and electrical, A/C and lighting infrastructure are also in place.
• Sheet rock and insulation can be see being lifted to the second floor via the crane in an adjacent photo.
At this point there are no critical issues preventing completion of the construction during August. Windows and doors have not yet been delivered, but this is not viewed as a major obstacle.

The crane opposite the building’s east wall is loading sheet rock and insulation to the second floor.

Roof Takes Shape on Church of Our Savior Multi-Purpose Building!

Update: Taken at mid-day showing roof covered and cross in place!

The second floor Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) walls have been erected and ready mix poured to complete the process. Pre-fabricated trusses for the roof have been lifted by a crane and fastened into place. The adjacent images show the building status on Friday, May 26, 2017. The inside pictures show a view of the trusses from the second story.
Overall, construction is on track and proceeding according to the contractor’s schedule.

Exterior View with Roof Trusses in place