Second floor of our new multi-purpose building takes shape!

The ceiling for the first floor was poured on Tuesday, the second of May 2017. Shown below is the progress on a.m. of 9 May showing the forms for the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) being mounted into place. The view is to the North from the church’s southern lot. As with the first floor, when the ICF is in place and trimmed, the ready-mix will be poured, forming a strong, energy efficient wall.
The second image is a view of the stairwell on the first floor of our new building. The shaft for the lift is shown at the right side of the picture.
The framing for the superstructure will commence upon completion of the pouring of the second floor. The construction is on track at this point, with work projected to be completed by end August, 2017.

Revised Elevations for CoOS Multi-purpose Building

The leadership at CoOS has determined that the best course of action for our church is to build the Multi-Purpose building as Phase I to our building program.  Phase II will be the chapel and the design will be unchanged.  This course was chosen because of the unanticipated building costs generated by the building boom and shortage of skilled labor among sub-contractors.   Our architect, Ron Scalisi, has recast the exterior of the building to yield a more church-like effect, with the suggestion of a steeple and a cross being added to the side facing north.  Please refer to the adjacent drawings of the elevations for the updated look.

Work is nearly complete on the interior.  Major revisions include an expanded fellowship hall/sanctuary which will seat approximately 130 people, relocating the nursery and moving offices and administrative spaces upstairs.  The interior layout will be posted when approved.

Note addition of steeple on north facing side of MP building.

Note addition of steeple on north facing side of MP building.

Church of Our Savior signs pre-construction contract

Our church has signed a pre-construction contract with Perry McCall Construction, Inc. The contract, signed 29 July, will cover sub-contractor bid activities for the next 60 days in addition to other required steps  and will help us to define  costs of construction of our new Chapel and the companion multi-purpose building.  The formal construction contract will be signed at the end of this period.

In other developments: we are expecting approval of our second submittal of the site development plan from the City of Jacksonville Beach. We have engaged Environmental Resource Solutions to provide remediation required by the Corps of Engineers for their permit. Other pending permits include St. Johns Water Management District and the FDOT driveway permit. None of the foregoing permits are expected to delay the start of construction later this year.

Floor Plans and Elevations for prospective Fellowship Hall/Admin Building

20160205 A4.2 MPBldg20160205 A3.1 MPBldg West20160205 A3.1 MPBldg South20160205 A3.1 MPBldg North20160205 A3.1 MPBldg East20160205 A2.10 MPBldg20160205 A2.20 MPBldgThe architectural Team is currently reviewing floor plans and elevations proposed by our architect, Ron Scalisi. Here are some notes to accompany the images that you see above:

The plans for the Fellowship Hall/Admin building represent the largest ‘footprint” that we can build and stay within our permitted space totals (35%, including paved areas and buildings.) We are investigating acquiring additional land in order to be able to extend our building with a deck and terraced areas.
The architect’s design concept for the Fellowship Hall/Admin building was that of creating a structure that would complement the beautiful chapel without diverting attention. We think the result both attractive and functional. Careful attention will be paid to placing plantings and trees to enhance both structures.
The “warming kitchen” may contain any appliance except a burner. We will make provisions for an outside supplemental cooking capability to complement the warming kitchen. Note the kitchen opens onto the fellowship hall and will feature a coffee bar/serving area to support fellowship.
The nursery will have a small fenced outdoor play area for the smallest children with a door opening directly to the play area.
The open spaces on the second floor will be configured for establishing work stations to accommodate the variable staffing and volunteer work that may occur in the life cycle of the church.
There will be a door from the second floor to open onto a (we hope) future deck. The building will be ready to receive a deck without modification.
If we cannot terrace key areas off the kitchen or fellowship hall immediately, we plan to install retractable awnings.
Classrooms are labeled “meeting areas” to avoid issues with building code, classrooms potentially subject to stricter rules.
We hope to avoid the requirement for a sprinkler system in both buildings due to the expense.
We will be establishing groups to review ways and means to furnish both buildings as we enter into the building process.
Plans for the Southern Lot include a bare storage structure, children’s play area, gathering area, memory garden and columbarium (if approved.) More improvements will be made if land can be acquired.

Church of Our Savior acquires the final lot for our building site

On February 2nd, the Church Leadership closed on the final building lot needed for our new Chapel and prospective Fellowship Hall at 2092 Beach Boulevard. The land, acquired by exercising an option on the existing mortgage (in red on image below) held by Ed and Britt Goodson is shown in the cross-hatched area on the adjacent image. Cost of the land was $85,000 Please note that the lot includes a significant piece of land that was donated by the Goodsons to help the church achieve the area needed to provide sufficient footprint for our building design.Lot Image