Looking South on August 17

Looking south from Beach Boulevard

The building process at 2092 Beach Boulevard, the site of our new multi-purpose building, is on pace for an end-August conclusions. We will begin the transition to the building when we get the various government sign-offs starting in September. Tentative plans call for transition from Malone Hall and the delivery of sanctuary furniture and fixtures the week of 5 September. The first service in the new facility is projected for Sunday, 17 September at 9 a.m.
As can be seen by the adjacent photograph, the exterior of the building is essentially finished. The parking lot has been put down and is in the process of “curing,” with approximately one week left before it can be put into service. In the foreground may be seen the unfinished sign for our church.
The deep well to support our landscape has been drilled.
The interior is rapidly coming together with progress as follows:
o The wood floor in the sanctuary has been laid
o Carpets and other flooring throughout the building is being put into place
o The millwork for the kitchen was fabricated off site and is being installed
o The heavy door for the front of the building is in place and awaiting only its paint prior to installation.