Peace Memorial Garden

Peace Memorial Garden on the campus of Church of Our Savior welcomed the centerpiece, a columbarium, this week. Landscaping was placed and benches were added to create this peaceful spot. Thanks go out to the team of people who put this treasure together.

Aerial view of the Site

The paved base has been laid for the site.

Bring it on!

Pavement awaits the final piece.

Lift off

The granite is lifted from the truck.


The granite is carefully lowered.

Bring on the ice

The granite must be placed on bags of ice so the straps under it can be removed.

Tricky business

The granite is shimmied into place.

Wrapping removed

Next step: Pull off layers of packing material.

Kent takes charge

Kent Steen, one of the leaders in planning this project, takes a shot at revealing the granite.


The columbarium is right where it belongs.

Proud trio

M.A. Mann, Senior Pastor David Ball, and Kent Steen pose proudly in front of the new addition.


It may only be a drainage ditch but it adds to the ambiance of the new park.

Final touches.

2 of 4 Benches placed