Church of Our Savior has commissioned a team to design a columbarium* and memorial garden for our Southern parcel. Part of the design process includes input from the congregation regarding potential use and design elements of the site. This survey form starts the process. Current thinking is that the design would consist of a structure to include a receptacle for ashes and a memorial wall for loved ones buried elsewhere that members would like to recognize.

To help us, please complete and submit this survey:[ninja_form id=15]

* Columbarium (pl. columbaria):

  • The term is from the Latin columba (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves and pigeons call a dovecote (en.wikipedia.org).

    A Columbarium

  • A vault or structure with niches (openings) for the burial of urns or other containers of ashes of the dead. It may be located in an undercroft or chapel or elsewhere on the church grounds (An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, 110).
  • Niches cut into walls of burial chambers. Within these niches, chests and urns for the cremated remains of loved ones were often set and given a place of honor. During the early Christian centuries, those in Rome were often brightly painted and well decorated (Frederick W. Norris, Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, 271).

Vision for Church of Our Savior Columbarium

Church of Our Savior will create a memory garden and columbarium to memorialize our members and their loved ones. The garden will provide a restful, contemplative environment for prayer and reflection. Tasteful structures complementing existing church architecture will provide niche receptacles, memorials and benches. Intent is a conservative design approach to foster affordability while maintaining appropriate dignity and adding a sense of permanence to the church campus. The columbarium will be located in our south parcel.