Conceptual Design for Prospective Church of Our Savior Sanctuary


  • Our intent is to develop all 1.89 buildable acres of our 5.44-acre lot to the east of us. 
  • The proposed structure is oriented generally north and south, facing Beach Boulevard. 
  • The building is approximately 9700 square feet. 
  • The sanctuary, as currently configured, will seat 350, with 250 downstairs, 100 upstairs 
  • The current design has 123 parking spaces providing a 2:1 ratio at 250 seats and a 2:8 1 ratio at 350 seats.  Both plans are well within the parking requirements for code. 
  • Our tower will be about 100 feet high 
  • Our existing building will be connected to the new sanctuary with a covered walkway.   
  • We will have a covered drop off in the parking lot on the east side of the building. 
  • Once we have the final design in place we will begin a careful study of ways and means and timing to go forward.  This process should start in the spring.    


Your comments, recommendations and validation of our direction are important.  Please address your thoughts to Pastor David Ball or Kent Steen ([email protected]) or via handwritten note.  We are happy to meet with you to explain any aspect of the project or long-term plans as they stand.