Dedication of  Peace Memory Garden and CoOS Columbarium

August 26, 2018

A columbarium was part of the Phase I CoOS building program, having been approved in the site development plan.  The original concept was for a small memorial garden with a columbarium arrangement.   A team headed by Fr. Jim McCaslin began the study and design process last December.  After considerable research, many group discussions and field trips, the currently realized concept was born.  A generous donor made Peace Memory Garden a near term possibility with a generous view of serving the church family.

Next came a search for the most economical way forward.  The path took us to Xiamen Shihui Stone Product Co., Ltd in China.  Working with Ivy Chen, our point of contact, we negotiated a design and some accessories and contracted with a shipping broker out of Charleston to arrange transport via JaxPort.  After a series of misadventures the 15,000 lb granite columbarium, granite benches and accessories were delivered to our site in August and placed on the concrete slab.

The garden was developed starting from before the granite structures arrived. Via the Columbarium Board which was created to administer Peace Memory Garden we will  continue to enhance the current array with the planned addition of a Celtic cross based on our logo design, a pergola at the entryway containing the planned memory wall.  All should be in place by the end of 2018.  From this point forward, the Memory Garden and Columbarium will be sustained by subscriptions from our church family and donations from individuals. There has been and should not be any impact on the church budget

For more information about the columbarium click here to access the brochure.

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(Current) Columbarium Board:

Chair                                                      Steve Macdonald

Vestry Liaison                                    M.A. Mann

Administrative Coordinator         Linda Guarino

Maintenance Coordinator            Richard Mathews

Maintenance Coordinator            Bill Branch

(Original) Research and Design Group:

Fr. Jim McCaslin

Kent Steen

Mary Stuart Pratt

Larry Wagner

Bill White

Doug Debolt

M.A. Mann