What to Expect for Drive-In Church at Jax Beach!

SAFETY NOTE: Our intent is to abide by all Federal, State and Local guidelines for proper social
distancing protocol (groups of 10 or fewer at least 6ft apart)

Before You Leave Home (Try to leave early to get a good spot!):

  • No need to get the kids dressed, so take time to make coffee and grab some snacks
  • Visit the bathroom! There are no bathrooms at our Drive-In Church
  • Remember – To comply with gathering restrictions, everyone MUST remain in their car at all times

Getting Here (2092 Beach Blvd, Jax Beach):

  • Drive-In Church will be held on our big grass lot just west of Adventure Landing
  • Entrance is via Beach Blvd, in the middle of the grass lot
  • Check for last minute bathroom needs before you arrive!

I Am Here:

  • Look for “ENTER HERE” signs on Beach Blvd – if you are coming from the east a U-turn is required
  • Pull in and watch for directions from the parking “ushers” (wearing reflective vests)
  • Parking is according to vehicle size – smaller cars in the front row, trucks/SUVs in the back row

After You Are Here:

  • Check in! Text the word “CONNECT” to 904-574-4700 for the worship bulletin and helpful links during the service
  • Tune your FM radio to station 103.3 (WCOS:) to hear the service in your car
  • Visit our homepage www.church-savior.org and click the “Drive-In Church Service” button on the left, or the “Online Live Stream” button on the right
  • If you are early, text a pic of yourself (in your car or at home) to 904-574-4700, and watch for pics of others in attendance
  • Go to our Facebook page (Facebook.com/ChurchSaviorJaxBeach) and click on the event, then post a picture of you in your car and write a comment to say hello to someone else you see from your car!

During Drive-In Church:

  • Senior Pastor David Ball will lead the service – we hope you enjoy the worship and message
  • Get a closer view by watching live – click the YouTube or Facebook link (note there can be a delay)

After Drive-In Church:

  • Please wait for your parking usher to signal you to exit.
  • Check out our homepage and Facebook page for our future Drive-In Church Services!

If You Need to Leave During Drive-In Church:

  • If you can’t stay for the full service (~30 min), please turn on your flashers and carefully drive to the closest exit at the east or west end of the grass lot
  • If you have a non-emergency need, please text 904-574-4700 and turn on your flashers so a COOS crew member can assist you
  • If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 and turn on your flashers, then text 904-574-4700 so a COOS crew member can assist you

Thank you for coming to Drive-In Church at Church of Our Savior