Date(s) - Apr 18, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Church of Our Savior

Seder MealChristian Seder~ On the night before Jesus was betrayed and handed over to death, He gathered His disciples together to celebrate one last dinner together. That last dinner was also the Passover meal, where God’s people remembered and celebrated their freedom from Egyptian slavery. The Christian Seder meal is a wonderful way of celebrating our ultimate freedom from the bondage of sin, while enjoying good food and fellowship together.

One of the primary purposes of the Jewish Passover meal was to educate the children in the ways of the Lord. Children eat free of charge and have a vital role in the events of the night.

Reservations are required with a $10 cost per adult (>18), youth are free (please still register them). You can sign up using the form below, after church, or call the church office (904 821-8558). Registration must be done before Wednesday 17 April at 11 am.

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