GAFCON and the ACNA Provincial Assembly meeting

(The GAFCON movement is a global family of authentic Anglicans standing together to retain and restore the Bible to the heart of the Anglican Communion.)

If you have been at 9 am service at church the last two Sunday’s then you are aware about GAFCON and the ACNA Provincial Assembly meeting. If you have been at the 11 am service or traveling then you may not know that Bruce and I leave on Saturday June 16th for New York and then on to the GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference) in Jerusalem. I am a delegate to GAFCON and Bruce is able to accompany me as an observer. Every day, Monday through Friday, there is teaching, prayer and then a seminar.  There are over 1900 delegates alone. We will have a tour one afternoon and a walk through the Old City on another day.

On Saturday, I am a lay delegate from our Gulf Atlantic Diocese to the ACNA Provincial Council Assembly Meeting. Then on Sunday, Bruce and I will fly back to the United States. I am excited that we are going.

Please pray for all of us who will be in Jerusalem and for the unrest over there in the Middle East. And of course, we covet your prayers for travel mercies as getting there is a 13 hour trip and of course the same amount of time coming back.

Nancy and Bruce Ford