For months the paramilitary group ISIS in Iraq and Syria has massacred and terrorized thousands, many of them Christians, who have been forced to flee their homes. These refugees leave everything behind. And, their numbers just keep increasing creating a refugee crisis in the Middle East of disaster proportions.


The inside of these heavy duty tents with drapes to separate living spaces.

While politicians worldwide agonize over what to do about this violence which Muslims across the region disavow, some Christians are finding quiet ways to help by providing temporary homes for these refugees.

Many of them are Yezidi, who have been singled out by the renegade Muslims because of their unique religion. They have fled to a neighboring country in search of safety and shelter. As overwhelming as the need is, our God rejoices in small steps. And some Christians in countries flooded by Yezidi refugees have made a start. They are seeking to provide shelter, buying large tents designed for the cold weather.


These tents are designed to withstand winter weather.

This offers an opportunity for Church of Our Savior to make a small step in the name of Jesus. We can contribute toward the purchase of those tents pictured here. The cost for each is just under $600. And the worker on the ground organizing this effort has offered to send us pictures of the refugees housed in the tents we buy so we can pray for them and, in a small way, share their trials.

Please pray about taking part in meeting this unprecedented need.  And especially pray for an end to this terrible persecution.

To participate in meeting this need by helping to buy a tent simply enter the amount you wish to give in the box below and click on “Go” This will open a form where you can securely enter your credit card information. Before entering that information select “Tents for Refugees” from the drop-down selector near the top of the form.