Zambia: Julie Engeman

Partnering with Overland Missions in Zambia

Julie Engeman loves her work with the needy in Zambia and her passion has found it’s way to Church of Our Savior. Vestry member Ashley Schaffer has become an advocate for Julie. A midwife herself, Ashley has worked with Julie in Africa and experienced first-hand the love for life that Overland Missions is planting in those remote villages.

Julie Engeman

The vision is to equip rural health workers and midwives to care for both the spiritual and physical needs of their villages. Both necessities have been out of reach amidst the abject poverty of rural Africa.

Julie explains: “I am excited to be a part of what God is doing to bring healing and hope to the nation of Zambia. We are beginning a new branch of the LIFE project with a focus on equipping rural health care workers to care for both the spiritual and physical needs of their community. My heart is to see communities walking in the abundant life God offers, by teaching basic health principles which combat the prevalent cycle of poverty. I desire to see believers love and serve their neighbors. I long to see the Holy Spirit change hearts and minds so that the value of human life is restored and we begin to truly live in our identity as children of the Most High God.”

Church of Our Savior seeks to live in that light cast by Julie and her colleagues and spread that holy vision on the Beaches and around the world.