In general, our new building is proceeding according to the construction schedule and should be completed by the end of August, 2017.
Some current activities:
• As seen in the adjacent photo, stripping to hold the insulation and exterior trim is being applied to the external wall.
• The installed sheet rock on the first floor is receiving the “mudding” process prior to painting. The workman shown on stilts is working inside the warming kitchen. The view through the window is generally south.
• The aluminum framework for the “storefront” or main entrance to the building for administrative purposes is being installed.
• The transformers have been delivered by Beaches Electric and await final installation.
• The fence line is being cleared for the installation of the 6’ panel fence to screen the church property from the neighborhood.
• The parking lot has been graded and is ready for asphalt.

Shown is the underlay of wood for the insulation and exterior board.

Sheet rock finishing by worker on stilts. View looking south from the warming kitchen.