Happy New Year! We start our long awaited site improvement and building progress the first week of January, 2017 with our contractors removing trees from the building site at 2092 Beach Boulevard. (Please see pictures of the progress below taken by Bill White.)  We expect to have a fence across the public driveway leading to our property from Hopson Road built within the next week.  The next steps in the building process will involve removing unsuitable soil from the foundation area from both the multi-purpose building and the future chapel.

As exciting is our progress is, we ask that you do not attempt to visit the site during construction.  We wish to avoid both injury and interference with the work.  At appropriate moments in the building process we will coordinate with our project manager to organize tours of the site so that you can see our multi-purpose building created.

We remain hopeful that the multipurpose building will be ready for occupancy by the end of this summer.  For questions, please call or email Kent Steen at [email protected]