I had to ask myself some very serious questions about my trust in God, and my involvement in praise. Maybe you have experienced this also.

To whom am I singing Praise? Who am I worshiping? Am I afraid to speak to God? Am I uncomfortable singing directly to my Father? He’s right here in the room with me. I don’t need to mail Him a postcard or send a memo. When Father God is present, why ignore Him? I aim my words to Him.

Instead of “He is worthy,” why not “You are worthy”? “Our God is an awesome God” can be changed to “You, God, are the Awesome God.” That makes more sense. Isn’t that more like real praise? I replace just talking and singing about The Almighty One with talking and singing to Him.

I praise YouYou are worthyI sing to You! I honor and bless You, Father. You are Almighty! You are Healer and HealthYou are my ProviderYou dwell in me. Your love overwhelms meI worship You. You are right and holy in all Your ways! You are BeautifulThank You for lavishing Your love on me!

Kent is interim director of music at Church of Our Savior and teaches music at Loretta Elementary School in Mandarin. See more devotions here.