Our Church Administrator Patti Brodeur is superbly equipped for her position.  Obviously blessed with the gift of Helps, Patti serves the Lord and His people, all the while keeping the quotidian tasks of the church running smoothly.

Patti graduated with a B.S. degree from Immaculata College outside of Philadelphia.  After working for many years as a nutritionist with the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, Patti married Tom Brodeur and moved to Saudi Arabia where the couple found the adventure of a lifetime with the Lord.  In 1989 Tom and Patti moved to Jacksonville just as Calvary Episcopal (later Anglican) Church was being planted, and they became charter members.  At Calvary Patti served as Administrative Assistant to the Rector and as Bookkeeper, and later as Church Secretary.

When Calvary and Resurrection merged to become Church of Our Savior, Patti was asked to be Church Administrator, a role she was happy to accept, and Church of Our Savior continues to be blessed daily with that arrangement!

Tom and Patti have one adult child, Michelle, who is one of Church of Our Savior’s missionaries and is currently serving the Lord with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Tallahassee.