What do I do during Praise and Worship time at church? Stand, sing, raise hands…and what else? Mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

What should I not be doing? Sit, be silent, fold my arms, talk to neighbors, look for non-participants, criticize music and the way others look and behave? Is it a time to play video games, check my phone, worry about problems, or socialize?

Instead, shouldn’t I mentally picture God’s face, His hands and arms? Shouldn’t I emotionally bring up the image of His merciful, blessing smile and eyes? Shouldn’t I receive the impartation His Spirit sends of His embrace bringing overwhelming comfort and stress-relieving peace?

Dare I physically receive the Almighty’s power to drop worldly passions, mental and emotional strongholds? Shouldn’t I look for, speak, and sing of His Names displayed on His face? Dare I allow my spiritual eyes to see His beauty?

After all, what is praise? How else do I worship my Almighty Creator and Merciful Father?

As a church music leader, I’ve watched congregation members during services at many churches. I tried to point a finger at them, but as so many know, three fingers are pointed right back at me, meaning these questions were all ones I had to face personally. Maybe they will mean something to you, too.

May God Reveal His Great Love To You,