The deed to our land currently shows a 10′ wide utilities easement running generally North and South through the Eastern portion of the area in which we intend to build. The easement restricted our ability create a permanent all-weather connector between the chapel and Fellowship/Administration building, both in the design phase.

As the result of a meeting led by Ed Goodson, our project Civil Engineer, Public works has agreed to cancel the current easement and relocate the easement to route a water main under our proposed parking lot working generally from the North through the Western portion of the lot.

In order to save time, we will bear costs of the design and aspects of the construction of the water main and will be reimbursed by the city after deducting what it would have originally cost us to tie into city water. Jax Beach City Council will have to approve Public Works reimbursement in advance. No problems are anticipated with this action.

Our additional Costs will be determined by averaging bids from 3 contractors with and without the planned work.

We are grateful to Ty Edwards and other staff at the Public Works department for their interest and cooperation in making our lot more workable.