Bible Text: Acts 10:34-38 | Preacher: David Ball, Julie Engeman | Series: Epiphany 2019 | Senior Pastor David Ball begins this sermon with the story of a lucky penny found by a young boy in 1943 and rediscovered upon his recent death. He never actually knew how lucky this coin really was. But on auction, this 1 cent penny sold for $204,000. It was what they call an error coin, minted outside prescribed standards. Just as that penny appeared to be worth less than it really was, so also do we tend to judge by appearances. The passage from Acts today describes how the Apostle Peter was disabused of making such judgments and advises us that worth resides in the heart and not the appearance.

The Scripture Lessons for the Day were:

Isaiah 42:1-9
Acts 10:34-38
Luke 3:15-22