Bible Text: Mark 13:14-23 | Preacher: David Ball | Series: Trinitytide 2018 | (No video this week.)

In this week’s message, Senior Pastor David Ball tackles the prophetic passage in Mark 13 warning of the threat to be brought by the “abomination of desolation.” Reminding us of the movie Forest Gump, in which Forest was always told to “run Forest run,” so also are we to run from this horror. The desolation for early Christians was the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. But the threat remains today where the abomination is sin, doubt of Christ’s truth and refusal to love Him. The solution? Run into the arms of your loving Savior.

The Scripture Lessons for the Day were:

Daniel 12:1-13
Hebrews 10:31-39
Mark 13:14-23