Bible Text: Jonah 3:1-3a | Preacher: David Ball | Series: Jonah, Trinitytide 2018 | In this fourth consecutive message by Senior Pastor David Ball, we again join Jonah in his flight from accepting God’s direction. David likens this flight to that of Roy “Wrongway”  Riegels, a football player who in 1929 ran the ball 69 yards in the wrong direction, exactly what all of us are prone to do. Fearful of repeating the mistake, Riegels refused to go back in the game until forced to by his coach. Likewise we refuse to believe God would give us second chances. Scripture shows that we are Jonah and we are Ninevah, unworthy but forgiven.  The Scripture Lessons for the Day were:Jonah 3:1-3a1 John 1:5-10Matthew 18:21-35