Bible Text: Luke 9:18-24 | Preacher: David Ball | Series: Trinitytide 2019 | There is no such thing as a stupid question…right? Well, in this message Senior Pastor David Ball casts some doubt on that popular maxim, citing some particularly egregious examples from reporters interviewing Superbowl players, i.e. What is your relationship with the football? (Response: platonic) All this is a prelude to one very serious question indeed which Jesus asks his disciples: Who do YOU say I am? That question is now ours to answer with information about Jesus’ death and resurrection that the disciples then lacked. Our answer has eternal consequences.

The Scripture Lessons for the Day were:

Zechariah 12:8-10, 13:1
Galatians 3:23-29
Luke 9:18-24

Also referenced: Luke 8:10.