Bible Text: Luke 13:22-30 | Preacher: David Ball | Series: Trinitytide 2019 | While Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem someone asked Him, “Lord will those who are saved be few?”. It was a good question and one that presumed that the whole Jewish nation would be saved by virtue of being Jewish. The 21st century is a lot like the 1st century. People today still believe that all people are basically good and that a good God will do good things for them. The ultimate good of course that God can do for us is to grant us salvation and entry into His Kingdom. Jesus answers that mans question, but not directly. In fact He turns the question around on the man and on all of us. It is not a question of how many will be saved, the real question is will you be one of them? Do not fall into the trap of making a false assumption when it comes to your salvation. Listen to the words of Jesus and find a salvation that is sure and secure in Him.