Bible Text: Genesis 3:1-7 | Preacher: David Ball | Series: Lent 2018

In the first message in the Lenten series Doubt, Disbelief, and Disobedience – The True Nature of Sin, Pastor David Ball reveals the strategy of the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the correlating insidiousness of sin that the serpent models. Sin teases, cajoles, perverts as did the serpent. This works itself out in our own lives likewise today. God is in the Dock (From C.S. Lewis, meaning basically on trial) and the serpent is leading the witness as he distorts God’s instructions in that garden such that Adam and Eve lose track of what God really DID tell them. Thus the seeds of doubt are planted.

The Scripture Lessons for the Day were:

Genesis 3:1-7
James 1:2-8
Matthew 14:22-33