At the site

The month of February witnessed the preparation of our building pad to receive the foundation. Importantly, our Building Permit was issued at the first of the month by the City of Jacksonville Beach. During the month General Contractor (GC) and our building team dealt with two separate initiatives from the City of Jax Beach regarding utilities. The first was an agreement with the Public Works Department to pass an easement through our lot to accommodate a new water line for the benefit of the neighborhood. Our subs installed a new fire hydrant at the entrance to our parking area. On behalf of Beaches energy we re-routed an electric line via our building lot. Both requirements were not part of our original site development plan. Our GC and sub-contractors were able to overcome the revision to our original site development plan and accommodate the new requirements. The net costs to our construction program were negligible, but some time was lost.

Building Schedule in Place

Our general contractor, Tim Young, has published a building schedule which, barring unforeseen interference, will have our multi-purpose building available for use in August of this year as originally projected. The full schedule is contained in the attachment below. The foundation should be laid and the building will start to grow vertically in late March and April.

Finishing the interior and furnishing the building

Various teams are in the process of refining the color scheme and the finish of the building to include floor coverings. Further, the desired design of altar fixtures has been decided and a team has selected a chair design for the sanctuary. These designs and the requirements for appliances and furnishings will be packaged and shared with the congregation to start our campaign to prepare the building for our use by our wide variety of ministry groups.

Copy of Construction Schedule Church of Our Savior 3/3/17