Where is it I come in contact with God? I look towards the Bible–where’s my burning bush, my wilderness, my “away from the crowds”? Where can I go to hear my Father’s voice? I stop and take a moment to think about my places of stillness, and where I can add more.

I drive forty minutes to work every day, in part, over a three-mile bridge. As I reached that bridge over and over, something began stirring in my spirit to stop my regular train of thought, turn off the radio, and remember God. Not that I was trying to ignore the Lover of my soul from the wakeup alarm’s buzzer to the time I got to the bridge, but at this point I specifically turned everything off, even Christian music, to just listen to Abba.

Letting God reveal prayer closets is so important. They really do exist …what’s coming to your mind right now?

Some prayer closets are formed by leaving sticky note reminders in strategic places like the bathroom mirror, door jamb, dashboard, inside books and planners, and even on computer screens, to remind me to be still. I set reminders on electronic devices. Then I become aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence as I praise Him, and center on His comfort and impartations.

How would a girl feel when she knows a guy’s there, but is intentionally ignoring her, especially when she tries to talk to him, comfort him, and bring wisdom, provision, and healing to him? Is that how I treat God as He’s desiring to talk to me?

A brilliant inspiration helping me develop purpose and practicality in the prayer closet is another in the series of Kendrick Brothers’ movie box office toppers ,War Room. Check it out!

Kent is interim director of music at Church of Our Savior and teaches music at Loretta Elementary School in Mandarin. See more devotions here.