The altar call came and a young lady came forward for prayer. The prayer team was called up. My friend Lisa went up to the young lady and, after listening to her with God’s Spirit for a bit, Lisa began to pray for her, then Lisa attempted to encourage the troubled girl to loosen the girl’s stiff folded arms. After several attempts, Lisa eventually got the troubled gal to place her hands against Lisa’s, then Lisa began to move the paired hands up and down until the hurting girl was able to lift her hands to the Lord on her own.

As the young woman let go of the iron hold on her crossed arms, she opened up emotionally and began to release her pent-up feelings. Finally, as she reached to heaven, she completely unleashed her death-grip of control into deep weeping. She gave her situation fully to Jehovah Rapha our Healer, the only One who can heal her and remedy her circumstance. She received mercy from her Comforter and Counselor.

Raising our hands in praise to God and opening up to Him is just that important!