Youth Interns

Lance Parker

Matt Parker










Please welcome to Church of Our Savior our two new youth interns, Matt Parker and Lance Parker.  Matt and Lance are students at the University of North Florida with a passion for reaching young people with the gospel.  They have been training for youth ministry at Grace Anglican Church on Fleming Island and are ready to begin leading a ministry of their own.

Matt and Lance will be building and growing relationships with the youth of COOS, as well as seeking to meet new middle and high school students in our community for the Kingdom.  Youth Group will be held on Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and all youth in middle school and high school are invited to attend.  Matt and Lance are committed to COOS for all of 2018 and will continue youth ministry training at Grace Anglican, while working with Pastor David to serve our youth.  We are so excited to welcome them into our church family and looking forward to getting to know them better over this year.